To Mask or Not To Mask that is the Question

As I was searching for a face mask I was intrigued by the Photo below. I could'nt help but, be motivated to write a Blog about this Photo of a Person Masked to the 9's.

The statement I gathered is.... We are transitioning into a Bubble Society. There are so many conspiracies that surround to Mask or Not to Mask. Let's Face it. Since, a lot of us are remote working or has transitioned back into the Workforce or Never Stopped (Thank you Essential workers) we are faced with the Choice to wear a mask or not to wear a mask.

From my own little research. I found that when we all talk and chew...we release saliva. Don't agree that's fine. Next time you are not using ear phones. Hold your phone towards your face and start talking. Look at your screen. Tiny Droplets of saliva are released and will land on the screen for you to see. It is a human thang. We don't even notice our excessive touching of our face.

I watched a Guy at the At Home Store touch his face no less than 7 or 8 times while at the register. I am pretty sure that he was unaware that he scratched his nose and cheeks after he had touched the buggy, Counter and Store products.

The Next guy I saw was wearing these surgical gloves but, rubbed his face, coffee cup that he was drinking out of etc... Those gloves hold a lot of contaminants.

My next post should be...To Glove or Not to Glove LOL.

Covid-19 is making its mark in History. The Question is...How many of us will be around once this thing has lowered its mortality rate. It is my prayer that each of us continue to Practice Safe Hygiene habits. I will be asking that each of us wash our hands upon coming in for your massage and upon leaving. This is how Purple Lime will participate in slowing down the spread of Covid-19. Please watch video below on how to properly wash your hands. You are encouraged to wear your face mask when in the supine position (face up) if you would like to enjoy your massage with a conversation. For those of you that love your muted (quiet) massage there will be no need in a mask.

Welcome Back here is a $5 code to use at Check Out in the Office. code: NOMOCOVID

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