Tai Chi and Its Mental Health Benefits

Have you ever heard of the Ancient Art of Tai Chi and Qigong?

Health Outcomes of Tai Chi and Qigong Interventions

Studies have shown that Tai Chi and Qigong may improve bone density, cardiopulmonary health, arthritis, fibromyalgia, tension headaches, and other medical conditions. Given the relationship between physical and mental health, general improvements in physical health or reductions of chronic disease symptoms may help to improve mental health. Chronic physical health problems are associated with stress, anxiety, depression, and poor mood. Full article can be found @

I learned Tai Chi and Qigong movements in Massage Therapy School. I must admit being from the South. I was not accustomed to balancing out my energy. Let's be honest. I was not all that familiar with the energy side of myself. I learned a lot about energy during this period of my life and I loved the exploration of being introduced to something that was foreign to my surroundings. I remember practicing the moves everyday and feeling balanced. I could not explain the feeling to others because, I was yet still learning its importance and its role in aiding in my stress reduction. But, now after much time has passed. I have created my own safe space to practice Tai Chi and Qigong. There are plenty of practice spaces. We have to find the Safe space that places us in a great state of mental health where we become one with nature and peace.

If you are struggling with anxiety, stress, depression or poor mood please try Tai Chi or Qigong. It may change the way you handle the stress of this pandemic and lifes journey that you are traveling. Please check out Youtube for Tai Chi and Qigong Practice Videos. I have attached one as well.

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